Record-Breaking Sales Reported for the Switch and Breath of the Wild

Record-Breaking Sales Reported for the Switch and Breath of the Wild

Both the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have been out since March 3, and it looks like their launch was quite a success. While Nintendo has yet to make an official announcement about the sales, New York Times reporter Nick Wingfield stated after an interview with Reggie Fils-Aimé that both the console and game have broken Nintendo’s records.

According to Wingfield, the sales across Friday and Saturday for the Nintendo Switch are the highest two-day sales in America for any Nintendo console. He noted that this is especially impressive since it isn’t a holiday launch.

Next, he reported that Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo Switch is the best-selling Nintendo launch title ever. It beat out Super Mario 64, which held the record previously. This is counting standalone games only, of course, rather than games bundled with the console.

If this is accurate, it sounds like the Nintendo Switch is off to a good start! Will these sales figures hold up in the months ahead, especially as more games are released for the Switch? That’s difficult to say, but so far, things look promising for Nintendo’s newest console.

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  1. having spent some time with the platform/hardware.. while there is a lot to be desired regarding features… (which will come) it really has great potential. very happy with it and BOTW is amazing.

  2. I’ve wanted this for Nintendo for so long. I’m really happy to hear this.

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