Harvest Moon Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Harvest Moon Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

2017 marks the 20th year since the Harvest Moon series began, and Natsume kicked off its 20th anniversary celebration with a video of all the Harvest Moon games.

2017 is also the 20th anniversary of the Story of Seasons series, and if Marvelous showcased its history, it would include many of the same games. They couldn’t make this more confusing if they tried.

Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons?

20 years ago, a farm simulation game was released for the SNES. In Japan, it was called Bokujō Monogatari, which literally translated to “Farm Story.” It was then published in the West by Natsume, under the name Harvest Moon.

In the years that followed, many more Bokujō Monogatari games were released in Japan, and released in the West with the name Harvest Moon.

However, in 2014, it was decided that XSEED Games would publish the series in America, instead of Natsume. There was just one problem. Natsume has the rights to the name “Harvest Moon.” Therefore, all Bokujō Monogatari games since then have been released in the West under the new name Story of Seasons.

Meanwhile, Natsume decided to release their own farm simulation games under the old name of Harvest Moon.

In short:

  • Harvest Moon games released before 2014 are part of the Bokujō Monogatari series.
  • Harvest Moon games released in 2014 or later are part of Natsume’s new series.
  • Story of Seasons games are part of the Bokujō Monogatari series.

(The exceptions are Puzzle de Harvest Moon and Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming, two spin-offs from before 2014 that were not made by the Bokujō Monogatari developers.)


Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons currently co-exist as two similar farming simulation games celebrating their 20th anniversary, with a shared history that branched in 2014. The most recent Harvest Moon game, Skytree Village, came out in November 2016, while the most recent Bokujō Monogatari/Story of Seasons game, Trio of Towns, came out just this past February.

Are you fan of one or both of these series? What do you think about the confusing name change? Finally, what are some other games you’d recommend to Harvest Moon fans? Let us know in the comments.

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