XSEED Will Localize Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns’ DLC

XSEED Will Localize Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns’ DLC

Near the start of the month, we discussed the predicament facing the DLC for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.


As a quick refresher, Trio of Towns received an extensive amount of free content in Japan, to the point where the Trio of Towns DLC was about the same size (in terms of word count) as a full game like Corpse Party. Releasing that amount of content in North America, where Trio of Towns is less expensive and its audience is smaller, would be too expensive for XSEED to consider unless it was paid DLC.

XSEED asked fans to let them know which they preferred: no DLC or DLC release in three packs for $3.99 each.

Fans responded overwhelmingly in support of the DLC. As a result, XSEED announced that they will localize Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns’ DLC for North America. It won’t be available for quite a while, but the game still has plenty of content on its own. They pointed out that this is the largest game in the history of the series.

We’re happy to hear that North American players will have a chance to enjoy the DLC for this game after all. Are you planning to play Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns? If so, will you get the DLC once it becomes available? (If you encouraged XSEED to localize it, we certainly hope so.) Let us know in the comments!

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