Archer and Rider Link Amiibo Functionality in Breath of the Wild Discovered

Archer and Rider Link Amiibo Functionality in Breath of the Wild Discovered

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be compatible with multiple Legend of Zelda amiibo figures, and now we finally know the functionality of two of the two ones: Archer Link and Rider Link.

Thanks to images that have surfaced online of the boxes for these two amiibo figures, we know that they give you rare in-game items. The Archer Link amiibo will give you rare bows, and the Rider Link amiibo will give you rare horse-related items (such as a saddle) and weapons.

Meanwhile, using this information together with glimpses of the amiibo boxes in GameXplain’s Nintendo Switch unboxing video, we can hypothesize that the Zelda amiibo will give you some a shield and the Guardian amiibo will give you some sort of weapon, possibly one used to fight Guardians more effectively.

Unfortunately, until Nintendo makes an official announcement, we won’t know for sure how good this is. How much better than other items are the items given by these amiibo? Are they amiibo-exclusive items, or just rare? These are all questions we don’t have answers to yet.

Are you interested in using any of the new Legend of Zelda amiibo figures with Breath of the Wild?

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  1. can’t wait to get my hands on these.. that guardian!

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