5 Recommended Nintendo Switch Accessories

5 Recommended Nintendo Switch Accessories

The Nintendo Switch is almost here! If you’re planning to pick up the Switch when it launches on March 3, here are some Nintendo Switch accessories you might want as well.

1. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Maybe it’s not quite an “accessory,” but the Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch is definitely something to keep in mind, especially if you don’t think the Joy-Con controllers look comfortable for extended gameplay sessions.

2. Joy-Con Charging Grip

There are plenty of ways to charge your Joy-Con controllers, but if you plan to use the Joy-Con Grip a lot, you might want a way to charge them at the same time. This special charging grip lets you do just that.

3. Nintendo Switch Official Screen Protection Kit

This screen protection kit from PDP is an officially-licensed product for the Nintendo Switch. If you plan to use the Switch on-the-go, it might be wise to invest in a protector to keep the screen safe from fingerprints and scratches.

4. Nintendo Switch Premium Console Case – Zelda Edition

PDP is also making cases to carry your Nintendo Switch in, including one with a striking Breath of the Wild design. Not only can you use it to transport your Nintendo Switch, but it also has space for 14 game cartridges and comes with a cleaning cloth.

5. HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch’s included kickstand is great if you want to set it up in tabletop mode… but not so great if you want to do this for extended periods of time. In tabletop mode, there isn’t enough room to plug in the Nintendo Switch charger. Fortunately, this playstand from HORI gives you enough clearance to charge the Nintendo Switch. It’s also adjustable, so you can choose the angle you want.

In Conclusion

Depending on your intended Nintendo Switch playstyle, one or more of these accessories might interest you. What other good Nintendo Switch accessories have you seen?


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  1. planning on getting the HORI play stand. Have yet to decided on a case.. may get the PDP and then a larger one that holds the dock too. Also need that charging Joy Con grip.

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