My 5 Hopes for Super Mario Odyssey

My 5 Hopes for Super Mario Odyssey

For me, Super Mario Odyssey is the biggest reason to be excited for the Nintendo Switch. Not only is it a brand new Mario game on Nintendo’s newest console, but it’s a return to the gameplay style of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Nintendo even cites those games specifically when describing Odyssey.

As someone who waited through the entire Wii U’s life cycle for a Mario game like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, or even Super Mario Galaxy, this new game looks like a dream come true. Here are five of my greatest hopes for Super Mario Odyssey.

1. Hub World(s)

Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine had plenty of cool worlds, but the castle and Isle Delfino were also fun to explore. They had their own secrets to discover, and Isle Delfino especially functioned as a unique world itself, with mini-games and Shine Sprites. I’d love to see a similar sort of hub world in Super Mario Odyssey. With that said, it looks like Mario’s new ship might be his method of transportation from world to world… but since we’ve seen multiple areas with friendly NPCs, maybe each world will have its own hub.

2. Hidden Levels

One of the coolest things in 64 and Sunshine is that not all of the levels are accessed right out in the open. Looking up at the ceiling to enter the Tower of the Wing Cap, jumping up under the bridge to reach the Pachinko Game, and more–hidden levels like these made exploration even more important and fun. Let’s hope there are similar secrets in Odyssey.

3. New Characters

This one seems like a given already, since the trailer showed NPCs as well as a group of villainous rabbits (not to mention Mario’s hat). Still, we don’t know what role these characters will play yet. If they are full characters, I hope they’re well-received enough to make Nintendo willing to use more original characters in a certain spin-off series again.

4. An explanation for the “real humans”

One of the things that raised many eyebrows during the Super Mario Odyssey trailer was the inhabitants of New Donk City, as they were all normally-proportioned humans in sharp contrast to Mario’s cartoonish style. Do humans from the Mushroom Kingdom simply look different? I’d like to see an explanation for this in the game, although if they leave it unexplained, that’s fine. After all, another world was inhabited by forks. Once you accept sentient forks, are two different types of humans really that weird?

5. Large Areas and Multiple Goals

Most of the time, open worlds aren’t my preferred style. However, when it comes to a game like Super Mario Odyssey, I want each of its worlds to be large and open, filled with collectibles and multiple goals. Unlike the 2D Mario games and Super Mario 3D World, where each level presents you with a single main goal, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine’s worlds have multiple goals (and often multiple ways to reach those goals).

So far, it looks like Super Mario Odyssey will be the same way. Yes, the checkpoint flags raise concerns, but they could be there to let you respawn from them when you die or begin the level from one of those points. Either method would work fine with the nonlinear style Super Mario Odyssey is supposed to have.

In Conclusion

Those are five of my hopes for Super Mario Odyssey. What are yours?

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  1. this game is going to be incredible.

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