The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Expansion Pass Announced

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC Expansion Pass Announced

Nintendo surprised Legend of Zelda fans with the announcement of an expansion pass for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This expansion pass includes two DLC packs, as well as a small amount of bonus content that will be available to players immediately.

Breath of the Wild DLC

  • 3 new treasure chests in the Great Plateau, which contain an exclusive Nintendo Switch shirt for Link and “useful items” – available on March 3
  • DLC Pack 1, which contains a new Cave of Trials challenge, a new Hard Mode, and a new map feature – available Summer 2017
  • DLC Pack 2, which contains new original story content, a new dungeon, and additional challenges – available Holiday 2017


Fans have reacted to the revelation of Breath of the Wild DLC with mixed feelings. On one hand, Breath of the Wild looks like a vast, expansive game with plenty of content on its own. On the other hand, some of the DLC–especially the content of Pack 1–has fans questioning whether it’s substantial enough.


Unfortunately, if you’re interested in the new story content included in the second DLC pack, you’ll need to get the first as well. Breath of the Wild’s DLC won’t be sold separately, only as part of the Expansion Pass. The Expansion Pass will cost $19.99 and will be available for both the Wii U and the Switch.

How do you feel about the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass?

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