Learn More About the Characters and Weapons in Arms

Learn More About the Characters and Weapons in Arms

One of the multiplayer games announced by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch is an all-new fighting game called Arms, which features characters battling one another with extendable arms. Nintendo has released two new trailers for Arms. One introduces several of the characters, while the other focuses on different types of Arms.

Let’s take a look.

This trailer shows us the fighting styles of Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Master Mummy, and Mechanica, all of whom look fairly distinct.

Now let’s check out the other trailer for a look at some of the available Arms.

It gives us a look at Fire Punch, Big Punch, Thunder Punch, Boomerang, Revolver, and Salamander. Although they all follow the same basic premise of using extendable arms to attack your opponent, each has different effects.

We don’t know how much content Arms has yet, but these are probably just some of the characters and Arms you’ll be able to use in the game. Maybe more will be revealed in future trailers. Arms will be out in Spring 2017 both physically and digitally for the Nintendo Switch. It will cost $59.99.

Which characters and Arms look most interesting to you so far? Are you planning to give Arms a try?

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  1. this game caught my attention during the presentation… and it’s growing on me every time i read more and see more about it. looks SO GOOD.

    • It seems interesting. I’m not much of a fighting game fan, though, so I’ll probably pass on it.

  2. I plan to buy this game day one and I plan to main Ribbon Girl or Ninjara from what I have seen.

    • Love the character design. I’m leaning towards ribbon girl but not 100% sure

  3. I feel the same way. I will probably main Ribbon Girl but Ninjara seems so cool too. Then there are characters that aren’t even out yet so I will have even more to choose from.

  4. I’m hoping for a ton of content.. maybe even something like how Splatoon was handled. Roll out fresh and new content steadily.

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