1-2-Switch Includes 28 Games, New Trailers Revealed

1-2-Switch Includes 28 Games, New Trailers Revealed

When Nintendo announced 1-2-Switch, they showed off a few of the games included in it, but now we know there are even more. According to the official Japanese website, 1-2-Switch contains 28 games. We’ve also got some new 1-2-Switch gameplay trailers to show, highlighting several of its games.


Newly Revealed 1-2-Switch Games


Interestingly, while most of these games have been presented as 1-on-1 multiplayer games, “Baby” appears to be single-player. If you’re interested in 1-2-Switch, don’t forget to check out the other game trailers as well.

Previously Revealed 1-2-Switch Games


That brings us to a total of 18 revealed games. While we don’t know exactly what the others are, the website includes a teaser image for the remaining 10 games. It shows baseball, a punching bag, a treasure chest, a gorilla, a clown, and more. What could the remaining games be?

1-2-Switch is certainly shaping up to be an unusual collection of mini-games. Which sound the most fun to you? Are you planning to buy 1-2-Switch, or do you think you’ll let this one pass?

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  1. This should be an interesting party game

  2. I was a little disappointed when I saw this on the Nintendo Treehouse event I think it was but the more I hear about it the more it convinces me it might be worth $59.99. Not my type of game but it is like coffee, I may not drink it but I like to have it around when friends come over.

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