Top 3 Super Mario 64 Worlds

Top 3 Super Mario 64 Worlds

With Super Mario Odyssey returning to the style of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, let’s look back at Super Mario 64 and discuss some of its best worlds.

3. Cool, Cool Mountain

Cool, Cool Mountain had a lot of cool features, and not just because of its wintry theme. It sends you sliding down the mountain in a variety of paths, has secret alcoves for you to discover if you want to find everything, pits you in a race against a penguin, and more. Besides, the snow-covered mountain and falling snow just makes it a beautiful level–at least, if you like winter.

2. Wet-Dry World

Wet-Dry World has one of the most unique tricks, with switches that control the water level. This makes it a bit of a puzzle to navigate, as you need to adjust the water depending on where you want to go. And while seeing different parts of this world with the water raised or lowered already gives it two distinct feels, it also has an abandoned “Downtown” area, with buildings and even a park.

1. Big Boo’s Haunt

If you love spooky levels, you’ll love Big Boo’s Haunt. Not only is there a unique way to enter this haunted mansion, but once you’re inside, you’ll encounter ghosts, creepy carousel music, and a vicious killer piano. (Yes, a killer piano.) It has a strong, unique atmosphere that helps it stand out in the memory–and possibly nightmares–of many Super Mario 64 players.


Do you agree with Cool, Cool Mountain, Wet-Dry World, and Big Boo’s Haunt as the best Super Mario 64 worlds? Which are your favorites, and what kinds of worlds are you hoping to see in Super Mario Odyssey?

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  1. Cool, Cool Mountain would probably be the most memorable of these 3 for me.

    • I remember being a kid watching my parents play Super Mario 64, and I loved Cool, Cool Mountain because of the snow and penguins.

  2. I must agree with Cool Cool mountain but I enjoyed Big Boo’s Haunt the most out of all three of these levels. If I had to pick some it would be

    3.Dire Dire Docks
    Can’t beat the water theme and I found this level so relaxing except that nightmareish Eel. Please don’t come out and play.
    2.Big Boo’s Haunt
    I must agree about the scary piano, it is to this day some of the scariest memories I have of any game and I love the haunted Merry Go Round music.
    1.Tick Tock Clock
    I hope this is the name of the stage, I feel like this level was so unique in that you could play it in three different ways. The ability to control time in this stage added another bit of strategy.

    It is very tough though because I love Big Bomb Battlefield and Rainbow Ride as well. Thanks for allowing me to relive good memories thinking about this.

    • Tick Tock Clock was pretty cool. I almost put it on the list.

  3. Reading this article and seeing the comments makes me want to go play this game again, been several years since I played it and it’s amazing how solid this game was in level design and game-play for a full open 3D mario game.

  4. Yeah I was thinking the same thing Eddy. Yeah Samantha solid picks all around for me personally if I had to add it into your list it would be instead of Wet Dry World. I just thought of another world, oh no, to many amazing stages in this game. TinyHugeIsland. One of my favorites and I can’t believe I forgot about it. Sorry Dire Dire Docks you gotta go. Now I know how Samantha was feeling when creating this list.

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