Will The Great Ace Attorney Be Released in the West?

Will The Great Ace Attorney Be Released in the West?

Capcom recently revealed new details about their upcoming 3DS game Dai Gyakuten Saiban 2, or The Great Ace Attorney 2. The Great Ace Attorney games star Phoenix Wright’s ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruhodo. The newest game picks up where the first one left off and should resolve its lingering mysteries, one of the most common criticisms fans had about the original.

Unfortunately, neither Dai Gyakuten Saiban game has been announced for localization. When last asked about it, Ace Attorney producer Motohide Eshiro said “certain circumstances” are in the way. What are these circumstances? What is stopping us from getting these Ace Attorney games in the West?

Setting and Culture

Localized Ace Attorney games have traditionally had their setting changed to America, rather than Japan. This could cause difficulty in the Great Ace Attorney games, where the setting is important. However, this discrepancy could be resolved by saying Phoenix Wright’s ancestors came from Japan.

The culture is the bigger concern. Although much of the game takes place in England, some aspects might still rely on an understanding of Japanese culture. On the other hand, the most recent game in the series, Spirit of Justice, had one case that did make use of Japanese culture even in the localized version.

Sherlock Holmes

The co-star of the Great Ace Attorney is none other than Sherlock Holmes himself… which has led to some speculation that it could be a licensing issue. However, Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain. Mostly, that is.

In the United States, 10 Sherlock Holmes stories are still copyrighted. That may not be much, but the Great Ace Attorney does contain a few references to those stories.


Players’ reception to the first game in Japan were mixed, mainly because of loose ends. Of the possible obstacles for localization, this one might be the easiest to overcome–if the sequel truly does fix the original’s problems.

What do you think are the “certain circumstances” preventing us from getting The Great Ace Attorney? Do you think we’ll ever see them in the West?

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