All about Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch

All about Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch

So far, we know Nintendo is planning to release Super Mario Odyssey during the holiday season of 2017. It was announced with an impressive trailer that features some amazing graphics and incredible jumps. But what else do we know? Keep on reading to find out!


The Presentation

Super Mario Odyssey is a game that promises full action packed platforming in a 3D space that brings back memories of Super Mario 64. This is the first Mario game released in a sandbox style after Super Mario Sunshine. The announcement was made by the producer of the game Yoshiaki Koizumi.

So far we just know the game will be released during next holiday season, but there is no exact day. This has been a standard for the new releases of Nintendo. As the time comes, the game might be available for presale and to sign up on a waiting list to be called first when it is finally released.

In the meantime, we can only wait for other trailers to glimpse additional details of the game as the release date comes close.

What to Expect from the New Super Mario Adventure

As Super Mario Odyssey’s producer revealed, the new worlds are outside of the regular Mushroom Kingdom we are used to. It seems Mario has got into our world, which is unknown to Mario’s universe.

The release was accompanied by a 2:42-minute trailer. The main scenario seems to be a modern city, with big buildings all around. You get to travel on a flying boat to new lands apart from the city. The wild animals are promising, as are the new ambiances with pyramids, gigantic fruits, and volcanoes.

The Villains

The same leak that brought Mario out of his world has brought some other characters. Old villains are coming back, and we expect Bowser to try and get in the middle of Mario’s way on every step. Princess Peach is again in peril, and Mario is going to save her.

Bowser seems to have a new pack of helpers, which are going to face Mario on each adventure. But Mario has new friends too. They will fight together to stop Bowser and his evil plans.


Mario’s New Cap

It is not clear how it will work, but it seems Mario’s cap will have a great play on the game. Mario plays with it in the video, and at the end, you can see how a pair of eyes pops from the front of it. We will be expectant to know exactly how the new cap power-ups will work.

So far, there is no official statement, except for Koizumi’s statement about the action that is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. The message is cryptic as it is, and we can just guess it has something to do with the Joy-Con or the multi-touch new features.


The Wish Bucket

For sure by now, most of the Super Mario Odyssey features are already defined. However, we still can dream of a wish bucket for the release. Here are just some of our thoughts.

We would like to have some interaction with other consoles or to be more specific, with mobile devices. Nintendo is finally narrowing the gap, and Super Mario Odyssey is an excellent opportunity to keep on doing it. As the new worlds of Mario’s universe are based on our reality, some augmented reality could be very interesting and make things really interactive outside of the main game. However, we know it can be difficult to add to the plot and storyline.



The quality of the graphics and the game experience look promising, and we hope the plot adds points once it is finally released. For sure it will be at the height of other Mario adventures, and there is no doubt it will be fun to play. The question comes on how Nintendo is going to use the new Nintendo Switch features to improve the gaming experience. Connectivity and portability are fertile fields to improve and further the experience of Super Mario.

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