Top 5 Characters from the Super Smash Bros Franchise

Top 5 Characters from the Super Smash Bros Franchise

What once began as a game to play with the all-star cast of the main video games licensed under the name of Nintendo became in a third-party, all versus all fighting franchise in which you can swallow Mario using Kirby and then attack Donkey Kong while Samus is charging her beam. Only in the context of Super Smash Bros, that sentence makes any sense.

After five titles, hundreds of characters to choose from and thousands of hours being played worldwide, we wanted to pick 5 characters that are either special due to its power, speed, special moves and effectiveness in terms of being able to throw your opponents out of the arena:

  • Captain Falcon



Captain Falcon was included as a hidden character in the first Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64. To unlock it, the player had to beat the 1-Player mode in under 20 minutes. He would then challenge the player and, if the player beat him, he became a playable character. Since then, he has been present as a playable character in the rest of the franchise.

Captain Falcon is one of the fastest characters in the game. He also has one of the deadliest moves in the franchise: The Falcon Punch. When activated, Captain will charge his fist with fire, releasing it in the form of a fire falcon; when landed, the hit could easily deal over 20% damage. The disadvantage is the short range of the hit and that the character cannot move while charging the attack, which is why it has to be perfectly timed in order not to be vulnerable to counterattacks before or after the move is done.

  • Ness



Don’t let this kid fool you: his childish appearance hides a tremendous amount a power that, when unleashed, can clean the entire scenario without major effort. He is generally portrayed as a silent but strong character, capable of using magic. He can use thunders, fire, and teleportation to attack his opponents.

He is a bit tricky at the beginning, but his magic is powerful, and his aerial game is very fast so it can be a challenge when is in the right hands. Like Captain Falcon, he has been present in every installment of the franchise. His Final Smash from SSB Brawl, the PK Starstorm, creates a rain of falling stars that could send all of the players in the platform flying away.

  • Yoshi



Yoshi has not always been a very prominent character in the tier list of Smash Bros, but it is true that he has become for many in one of the most powerful characters in the most recent versions of the game, and will always have in his favor his charisma and tender appearance.

Among its benefits, it highlights the priority of most of its attacks, which give it some advantage. To this are added changes that have been made in latest versions as to get his shielding ability to be on par with the other fighters, something that allows him to attack and jump out of his shield at a good speed.

  • Kirby


It may weigh little, but the ‘pink glutton’ has some weapons at his fingertips that make him mortal. First, because it is capable of ‘flying’ with a total of five jumps, which makes it very manageable for the uninitiated. And secondly for its variety of attacks. Swallowing and copying skills from others, the killer mallet that sends anyone to the air, to become stone from the heights either to attack or to defend … and a smash forward that surprised by the distance that runs.

  • Samus Zero



Samus Zero seems clear that he remains as one of the great characters of the game, largely because it has maintained its essence throughout each version of the series. This has led her to be one of the favorite characters.
Talking about Samus Zero is talking about a character who is lethal in one on one. She is fast, strong, she can jump a lot, and it costs the world to anticipate her attacks. Maybe with more on-screen fighters ‘running’ less, but if you play lives and you meet her in a final, in a heads-up, there can be a big problem.

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