Constructor is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Constructor is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

In 1997, a construction-themed game called Constructor was developed by System 3 and released for MS-DOS computers. Since then, it has been ported and re-released a few times, and in 2015, System 3 announced a full remake of Constructor.

If you’ve been hoping for a chance to play this game on a Nintendo system, we have good news. The Constructor remake will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch. It will be available on April 28. (An earlier misunderstanding led to an announcement that it was a launch title, but this is incorrect.)

While the city-building gameplay of Constructor has been used in other games, one aspect that makes this one stand out is that you take on the role of a construction company trying to corner the market and drive other construction companies out of business.

According to the official press release, Constructor will also make use of the Switch’s wireless multiplayer support and allow up to four players to enjoy its multiplayer challenges.

Will you take on the construction challenge on April 28?

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  1. Think I will get this when it comes out, big fan of the early SIM type games.

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