Fire Emblem Warriors, Dragon Quest Heroes I & II Announced

Fire Emblem Warriors, Dragon Quest Heroes I & II Announced

Our speculation about the rumored Nintendo-themed musou game proved to be correct. One of the Nintendo crossovers we’d love to see is actually being made for the Nintendo Switch: Fire Emblem Warriors.

They’ve revealed almost nothing about Fire Emblem Warriors so far, except that it exists and will be available during the holiday 2017 season. We look forward to seeing how the Fire Emblem and Warriors styles will mix.

However, this isn’t the only Warriors-style hack-and-slash game coming to the Nintendo Switch. One–or rather, two–more can be anticipated as well. Dragon Quest Heroes I & II, which includes both Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below and Dragon Quest Heroes II, will be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. It’s unknown if they will be released in other regions.

For more traditional games in the series, Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI are also in development for the Nintendo Switch, but we still don’t have more details about them.

Stay tuned for more information about Fire Emblem Warriors and the Nintendo Switch’s Dragon Quest games.

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