Is Koei Tecmo Working on a New Nintendo-Themed Warriors Game?

Is Koei Tecmo Working on a New Nintendo-Themed Warriors Game?

Koei Tecmo has made many video game series, but one of the most popular and well-known is Dynasty Warriors. Dynasty Warriors led to a number of other series and spin-offs now collectively considered part of the Warriors series, or musou games. These games feature fast-paced action combat that puts you up against many enemies at once.

Dynasty Warriors 8

In 2014, Koei Tecmo worked together with Nintendo to make a Legend of Zelda musou game known as Hyrule Warriors. In 2016, a 3DS version called Hyrule Warriors Legends was also released. Both were well-received by fans.

Hyrule Warriors

Well, we might have another Nintendo-themed Warriors game on the way to the Nintendo Switch. Recent rumors claim that Koei Tecmo has such a game in development, and that it isn’t another Zelda game or a Star Fox game. (Sources have claimed that the company pitched a Star Fox musou game, but Nintendo wasn’t interested.)

These rumors come from a Youtube user named OBE1plays, who announced it in a video, and Laura Kate Dale, who says his information lines up with hers. While neither of these sources is official, Dale has accurately leaked Nintendo Switch information in the past.

Is Koei Tecmo really working on a new Nintendo-themed Warriors game? If so, what could it be? We named Fire Emblem Warriors one of the top Nintendo crossovers we’d love to see, so maybe our hopes will be realized. With the Nintendo Switch presentation just around the corner, we might know sooner rather than later if this rumor is true.

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  1. I really would like to see Fire Emblem here… or this idea is out of the box… but the Kid Icarus franchise. That would be wild.

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