What Makes the F-Zero Franchise Exciting and Fun?

What Makes the F-Zero Franchise Exciting and Fun?

The F-Zero is clearly one of the best games to have ever been made. At the moment, 13 years after its launch, it is still on the minds and hearts of those who had the chance to play the original version of the game. For the Nintendo and Sega, this was the classic that has refused to die even with the passage of time. We have to agree that, whether you had the chance to play this game or not, it is among the best games that will ever come out of any modern gaming firm. Here is why.

New Concept

Before the F-Zero game, there were various approaches towards racing games. Most of the games were based mainly on Formula 1 cars where one could choose between racing from top looking down at the car, behind the car facing forward, or the cockpit view for the one playing. The F-Zero was, however, a new breed of gaming. It did focus on creating realistic scenes but imaginary ones from the sci-fi films. People loved the new concept of racing in a mix of earth and space. The result was a new concept that would be classic and unique.

The New Cars

The previous games before the F-Zero were mainly focused on racing cars such as Formula 1 or NASCAR cars. Still, others would use muscle cars for their racing games. However, what really made F-Zero cool was that the new vehicles were nothing like the convention. First of all, they had no steering wheel. Secondly, they hovered rather than driven on wheels. This aspect allowed for a smoother type of movement that increased the level of fun in the game. Anyone who ever played this game can agree that a hovering car is way more fun than a car with tires.

The Theme

The theme for F-Zero game became a new idea that most racing games of today have heavily borrowed from. For the most part, it had the complexity of a Formula 1 car yet lacked the tyres that would have made it easier to brake. Well, you now had a vehicle that flew and borrowed the operational mechanisms of a Formula 1 car and a bird. Not just that, you also had a vehicle that did not need tuning or other inputs from you. Rather, you just charged ahead within the new universe. A realistic game with a whole new concept.


The Drivers

Other games in the same class had focused on using drivers that did not have names on them. If you have played games for a while, you know that names are one way of building rep in the gaming community. F-Zero would name its four drivers to build one of the most iconic names in video game racing. The four drivers, namely Samurai Goroh, Pico, Dr. Stewart, Captain Falcon, built such a reputation that they are now great classic names. Who does not miss Captain Falcon of the Blue Falcon? We all do. Sadly, we may never see him again.


The Design

The design of F-Zero was also a breakthrough. Rather than having the defects that similar games had, it was among the most exciting of all games as the challenges in it were never annoying. First were the graphics. You had tracks and cars that you could easily distinguish from one another. No glitchy overlaps in the cars. Then you had the best corners ever. You could easily see a corner coming in so that you can plan your lovely drift (although we noted that only Goroh’s vehicle could drift with ease without hitting the side). You also get a great angle of view as the cars are low on the ground with the track elevated away from you so that you can see the cars ahead of you with ease.

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