Nintendo Crossover Games We’d Love to See

Nintendo Crossover Games We’d Love to See

Last month, a rumor surfaced about an RPG crossover between Mario and Raving Rabbids. While that sounds pretty crazy on the surface, Nintendo is no stranger to unusual crossovers. Although the crossover between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem wasn’t quite what fans expected, Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE turned out to be a solid RPG, and the blend of Pokémon and Nobunaga’s Ambition in Pokémon Conquest earned it a spot on our list of the top 3 Pokémon spin-off games.

With that in mind, here are a few other Nintendo crossovers we’d love to see.

Fire Emblem x Dynasty Warriors

Fire Emblem

The Dynasty Warriors series can be hit or miss with fans, but lately the series has branched out and proven that musou gameplay can work with other series. Hyrule Warriors was popular enough on the Wii U for them to release an enhanced version for the 3DS, and over on the PlayStation side of things, there are now two successful Dragon Quest Heroes games. Why  not try a Fire Emblem crossover next? Fire Emblem Warriors could have the setting and storytelling of a Fire Emblem game, but with musou-style combat.

Dynasty Warriors Online

Super Smash Bros. x Mario Party

The Mario Party series has lost some of its luster lately, but maybe it could return to form with some new characters to spice things up, like the roster of Super Smash Bros. (Yes, this could also be considered many Nintendo franchises crossed with Mario Party.) A party game filled with characters from various Nintendo games could be quiet the fun multiplayer experience… preferably without the Mario Party car.

Star Fox x Metroid

Imagine combining two of Nintendo’s biggest science fiction franchises together in an exciting spin-off where you fly to new worlds while battling enemies Star Fox-style, and then explore each new planet like a Metroid game? Whether it would feature the casts of both series or just give one a taste of the other’s gameplay, it could easily be a space adventure you wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

In Conclusion

What Nintendo crossovers would you most like to see? Would any of these interest you? Are you waiting for Zelda Souls? Let us know in the comments.

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