Seasons of Heaven Nintendo Switch Trailer Revealed

Seasons of Heaven Nintendo Switch Trailer Revealed

Seasons of Heaven is an upcoming indie game from the developer AnyArts Production, to be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It stars a young boy named Yann and his dog Ani, and players will have to switch between the two in order to explore the world.

Let’s take a look at the new trailer released for Seasons of Heaven.

It certainly looks beautiful, although keep in mind that some reports say the developers do not have a Switch dev kit yet, so what we’re looking at here is PC footage. Nevertheless, it at least gives us an idea of what we should expect from Seasons of Heaven.

Exploration will be a huge focus for Seasons of Heaven, although it sounds as though it will also feature puzzles, particularly since Yann and Ani have different abilities.

What do you think of Seasons of Heaven? Some potential players have expressed skepticism over the project due to the little information we know so far. However, it’s interesting to see an indie exclusive announced for the Nintendo Switch so soon. We hope to see many more games during and after the Nintendo Switch event on January 12.

Let us know your thoughts on Seasons of Heaven in the comments.

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