Ubisoft Confirms Mario Rabbids Crossover By Accident?

Ubisoft Confirms Mario Rabbids Crossover By Accident?

Rumors have swirled around for the last month or so about a possible crossover of the Rabbids franchise with the Super Mario franchise. While some dismissed the rumors and others thought it could work… it appears as though Ubisoft themselves have revealed this is in fact, true.


During a celebration for Ubisoft’s 30th Anniversary in Paris there appears to be figures showing Mario characters as Rabbids. From Mario, Luigi, Toad, and others of all different sizes. Could there possibly be amiibo figures for this game too? I think so!

We most likely have to wait until the Nintendo Switch event on January 12th for any more information but it appears as though this crossover is a real thing. Either revealed by accident… or on purpose in a very subtle manner.

Check out about 22 seconds into this event video for confirmation



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