The Alliance Alive Details, New Footage

The Alliance Alive Details, New Footage

Back in October, FuRyu announced a new RPG for the Nintendo 3DS called The Alliance Alive. FuRyu previously developed the 3DS RPG called The Legend of Legacy, which saw a mixed reception. However, regardless of your feelings toward The Legend of Legacy, The Alliance Alive might be a classic-style RPG to keep your eye on.

The Alliance Alive stars nine playable characters, and the story unfolds as you switch between them. Although The Legend of Legacy had a very limited story, the FuRyu staff said in an interview that they’ve realized fans like RPGs that balance story and gameplay.

That, along with the announcement that Suikoden creator Yoshitaka Murayama is writing the story, suggests The Alliance Alive will feature a more prominent story. Let’s take a look at the trailer.

It is set in a world under the control of the Asmodians, invaders who claimed the planet’s Chaos Energy and drastically changed the world through a distortion called the Dark Chaos. The Dark Chaos has split the world into separate worlds, including three that have been shown off so far: the Rain World, the Fire World, and the Prison World.

The nine protagonists are:

  • Galil, a boy who belongs to the Night Crows resistance group
  • Ursula, a girl who also belongs to the Night Crows
  • Renzo, a young man and another member of the Night Crows
  • Barbarosa, a monster who has pledged his loyalty to the Night Crows
  • Viviana, a young Asmodian interested in the human world
  • Ignace, an Asmodian butler loyal to Viviana
  • Tiggy, a young girl studying the Dark Chaos
  • Gene, a man who belongs to the Magic Guild and is acknowledged even by the Asmodians
  • Rachel, a mercenary hired by the Magic Guild

The Alliance Alive will have turn-based combat with up to five characters in your party. It also features a world map, and battles begin when you touch an enemy on the field. Recently, FuRyu shared a short gameplay clip.


The Alliance Alive will be out in Japan in 2017. So far, a localization has not been announced, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

What do you think of The Alliance Alive? Is it a step in the right direction after The Legend of Legacy?

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  1. I’ve got Legend of Legacy (but in backlog) Interested in this… as I have heard great things about LOL . 🙂

    • I mainly play RPGs for their stories, so I skipped Legend of Legacy. This one could be interesting, though.

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