Pokémon Sun and Moon Are Out Now, Already Breaking Records

Pokémon Sun and Moon Are Out Now, Already Breaking Records

Pokémon Sun and Moon came out on November 18, and they’ve already made a big impact on the market. They already broke Nintendo’s records for pre-sales and demo downloads, as we discussed previously, and they carried on the trend with their initial shipments.


Just prior to their release, the initial shipments for Pokémon Sun and Moon crossed 10 million copies. That’s a new record for any 3DS game. While this figure refers to copies shipped to retailers, not necessarily sold through, it puts Pokémon Sun and Moon on track to become the best-selling 3DS game ever.

Ironically, after Pokémon Sun and Moon were announced, some fans worried these games might sell poorly due to how late we are in the 3DS’s life cycle, as well as the announcement of the Nintendo Switch. It’s safe to say that is no longer a concern.


Meanwhile, some people decided not to purchase Pokémon Sun and Moon and instead pirated the games. Players who attempted to go online with their games ahead of the release date were promptly banned from all online Nintendo services. It also appears as though these bans are permanent. If anyone with a legitimate early copy was caught up in this ban, we hope they can get the situation straightened out with Nintendo.

Finally, if you have Pokémon Sun or Moon, or if you plan to get them in the near future, there are a few events you should know about:

  • Between now and January 11, 2017, you can get a Munchlax with Snorlium Z online through Mystery Gift. When it evolves into Snorlax, it will be able to use the Z-Move called Pulverizing Pancake.
  • Between December 5 and March 5, 2017, you can get a Magearna by scanning a special QR code from Pokemon.com.


Both events have a nice window of time to allow early adopters of the games to get these Pokémon even without getting the games at launch. Not convinced yet? Check out the latest episode of Nintendo Minute to see the start of Pokémon Sun and Moon!

Have you picked up Pokémon Sun or Moon? Do you plan to in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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