Has Excitement Dwindled for the Nintendo SWITCH?

Has Excitement Dwindled for the Nintendo SWITCH?

Do you think excitement has dwindled for the launch of the Nintendo SWITCH after rumors came out about Zelda: Breath of the Wild not launching with the system? In my opinion, it doesn’t change a thing. I am still very excited about the system, its features and capabilities, and it’s potential software library that I will be getting one at launch.


The latest rumors have stated Breath of the Wild may not launch with the system.. or even within the launch window (first 3 months). While this may disappoint some, I think it’s important to understand why. Breath of the Wild is Nintendo’s BIGGEST game EVER. Localizing has been rumored to be taking longer then expected and when completed an additional 4-6 months is necessary to test. That’s fine.

Nintendo would not dare delay the hardware itself for one game and knowing that the home stretch isn’t far away for Breath of the Wild, it all sounds plausible and reasonable. Within these rumors, the next mainline 3D Mario game is said to be ready for launch along with a Splatoon port which could be bundled with the SWITCH.


Mario Kart was also rumored to be ready within the launch window and the remastered Skyrim port could be ready day one. I think the SWITCH will be fine for launch, with enough reasons for people to WANT to get one right away… and come holiday 2017 sales could ramp up like we haven’t seen for hardware in years. Look for the focus of Breath of the Wild to take shape in the latter part of 2017 for a strong hardware and software push. I tend to think of the March 2017 release of the Nintendo SWITCH as a “soft launch” with the entire year dedicated to marketing, promoting, and gearing up for that money making holiday season.




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  1. I don’t believe this rumor, Breath of the wild has been in development for I’d say about… 5 years or so? And I assume that mario game would be 3 years? Given how little we’ve seen and know about “mario switch” I find it very unlikely that zelda would get pushed back.

    • No definitive info from Nintendo… yet but what we do know is they never stated i would release with the system.. so a “delay” may or may not be true. I think most assume it would come earlier on, closer within the launch window but apparently there are various sources for this rumor which begins to hold some weight.

      I can see it being delayed a bit as well, if it doesn’t release at launch or early spring, surely they won’t ship it over next summer. It’s a horrible time to release big games. I expect either we get a May release of the game, or it comes out next fall into holiday.

    • Additionally, you don’t need months of promotion to sell a Mario game. They pretty much sell themselves, especially 3D ones. A proper trailer, full title and some gameplay in a direct would be enough to gain traction and having it bundled or with the system as launch would be solid.

    • Lastly… lol. I wanted to point out that the game itself regarding development is mainly done, the delay would be in localizing for western gamers, translation of the thousands of lines of text and then several months of testing afterward. That is something that really can’t be rushed. I don’t mind either way, I am confident the game will be amazing and the SWITCH doesn’t need it at launch it if gets a Mario, Splatoon and a few other surprises mixed in during the launch window.

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