What’s New in the Miitomo Update

What’s New in the Miitomo Update

Nintendo recently brought a major update to Miitomo, its social mobile app. The idea behind Miitomo is that your Mii interacts with the Mii characters created by your friends and answer questions so you can learn more about each other. It also includes customization features and mini-games. So, what new things will you be able to do after this update?



Private Messages

Yes, you can now send Private Messages to your friends through Miitomo. Once you write your message, your Mii or a Sidekick Mii will deliver the message to your friend.


Sidekick Mii

What’s a Sidekick Mii, you ask? That’s another one of the new features. In addition to your main Mii, you can now create up to 100 Sidekick Mii characters. You can change whether they’re public or private, you can dress them, and they also have their own rooms.

Room Customization


Speaking of rooms, you can now use flooring, wallpaper, and posters to customize the rooms for your Mii characters. You can earn some floor and wallpaper options by completing certain actions within the app, while other can be won through Miitomo Drop. Some of these are based on classic Nintendo franchises. As for posters, they are Miifoto images or photos from your mobile device. Each room can hold up to eight posters, and poster spots cost $0.99.

Style Central

When you create custom outfits for your Mii, you can now submit three of them per day to Style Central, where other players can see them. In Style Central, you can have your Mii try on outfits submitted by other players and buy parts of the outfit right there. You also earn My Nintendo points when you share costumes.

Answer Central

The other new area is Answer Central, where you can view a public list of questions, answer them, and read other players’ answers.


Finally, even without talking to your friends’ Mii characters, their answers will now display on your timeline to make them easier for you to see and interact with. Your timeline will also show you when your friends customize their rooms.

What do you think of the new features added to Miitomo? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I wish a lot of these features were there from the start. It seemed very bare-bones.. but nonetheless I am very happy to see them work and add the features. Now I just gotta open the app.. it’s been months.

    • Same. I used it a little in the beginning, but I haven’t opened it in a long time.

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