Croagunk Arrives in Pokkén Tournament Arcade

Croagunk Arrives in Pokkén Tournament Arcade

The Poison/Fighting-Type Pokémon Croagunk is the latest addition to the Pokkén Tournament arcade game in Japan, and it was quite a surprise when the announcement came out last week.


Previously, a leak came out saying that the new Pokémon coming to Pokkén Tournament were Scizor, Darkrai, and Empoleon, since people found game data for them. Darkrai’s arrival was announcement in July and Scizor’s was revealed in October, so most fans expected that the rumors were true and Empoleon would be next.

Instead, it’s Croagunk. Does this mean Empoleon is still coming in the future? We can’t say, but let’s take a look at Croagunk’s reveal trailer to see how he plays.

Croagunk fans should be pleased with his inclusion. However, since the three new Pokémon have only been announced for the Japan-exclusive Pokkén Tournament Arcade, it’s unclear if they’ll ever be made available for the Wii U version of the game as well.

It seems likely for at least Darkrai and Scizor, since the Wii U version’s Update 1.3 included data for them (and Empoleon), but there has been no announcement about it. For now, fans can only wait to see if the Pokkén Tournament DLC characters will come to the Wii U.

Are you looking forward to playing as these Pokémon if they come to the Wii U version? Do we have any readers who have played Pokkén Tournament Arcade and can tell us how they play? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. still gotta pick this game up! 😛

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