Most-Wanted Nintendo Switch Games

Most-Wanted Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch has been announced, and while we still know only a little about it, it’s enough for us to discuss our hopes. Of course, everyone hopes the Switch will be a success and avoid the pitfalls that hurt the Wii U, but the list of third-party partners also opens up speculation about possible Switch games.


Personally, the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer left me with one specific hope: a new 3D Mario game in the style of Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy. Each console since the Nintendo 64 has had at least one 3D Mario game. The Wii U’s was Super Mario 3D World, but it has a very different style from that of the others. It follows the structure of the 2D games, rather than the more open structure of Super Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy.

The tiny glimpse in the trailer looks more like those games than like 3D World, with what could even be a hub world.

Meanwhile, the list of Nintendo Switch partners includes many welcome names. What will PlatinumGames make for the Nintendo Switch? Whether it’s a new Bayonetta, a sequel to The Wonderful 101, or something entirely new, it’s certain to be an exciting action game. What about Tokyo RPG Factory, the Square Enix studio behind I Am Setsuna? Will Grasshopper Manufacture make a new game in the No More Heroes series?


Several indie developers have also reported their involvement with and interest in the Nintendo Switch. One of the most recent is Devolver Digital, who said their games should be on it next year.


And of course, just the knowledge that the Nintendo Switch exists has led to rampant speculation about how every upcoming major title could be made for it.

Whether it’s likely to happen or probably just a dream, what games do you most want to see on the Nintendo Switch? What names on Nintendo’s list have you the most excited? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. really hoping Mario Kart (Switch) gives us a full battle mode with arenas and other modes similar to double dash

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