Introducing Monster Hunter XX

Introducing Monster Hunter XX

In a special Monster Hunter Nintendo Direct held for Japan on October 27, Capcom announced the latest entry in the series, Monster Hunter XX.



Monster Hunter XX (said “Monster Hunter Double Cross”) is an updated edition of Monster Hunter X, which was released outside of Japan under the name Monster Hunter Generations. Let’s take a look at the trailer.

There are several additions in this new version of the game. First, two new hunting styles are being introduced. One is called Brave Style, an aggressive style that involves continuous attacks, fast evasions, and strong link attacks. The other has yet to be announced, but seems as though it will use barrel bombs. New hunting techniques have also been added for every weapon type, and their details will be announced in the future.

Monster Hunter XX also features enhanced Prowler Mode actions, several new field locations, and a new airship-like hub area with G-Rank quests. Two new monsters, Ouma Diablos and Balfark, were also announced.


If you have save data from Monster Hunter X (Generations), you’ll be able to transfer it to Monster Hunter XX. You’ll also get a special bonus if you have Monster Hunter Stories save data, special armor to make your Palico look and sound like Nabiru.

Monster Hunter XX will be out in Japan on March 18. So far, there has been no news about whether or not it will be localized. What do you think of this latest Monster Hunter upgrade? Do you feel the new additions are enough to justify the purchase? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. not quite sure if this will come West.. if it does I would expect it late 2017

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