Check Out Corpse Party’s Creepy Site Ahead of Its Release

Check Out Corpse Party’s Creepy Site Ahead of Its Release

Corpse Party is due out on October 25 in North America and October 26 in Europe, just in time for Halloween. This is fitting for the creepy horror adventure game, which features a group of students who find themselves trapped in an alternate school where a series of murders once occurred.


This is a remake of the first game in the series, so if you’re interested in Corpse Party, it’s the best place to begin. Corpse Party has been remade two times previously, once for the PC and once for the PSP. Although the PC remake was finally localized earlier this year, the 3DS remake is based on the PSP release. However, it also includes four additional side chapters not present in any other version.

Interested in Corpse Party? Wondering what the the tone of this game is like? The official website might help give you an idea…

With that creepy site to set the tone, know that Corpse Party is focused on survival and decision-making. There is no combat, although there are some puzzles and chases. Its horror focuses a great deal on its atmosphere, as well as dark, gruesome scenes described through its text.


In North America, Corpse Party will be available digitally from the Nintendo eShop for $29.99, and physically as the Back to School Edition for $49.99. The Back to School Edition includes two miniature character figurines and an 80-minute soundtrack. In Europe, only the digital version will be available.


Ever since its original release in 1996, Corpse Party has been a cult classic among horror fans. In addition to its remakes, it has received two sequels, among other adaptations. This remake is the first to be available on a Nintendo system.

Are you planning to pick up Corpse Party? What did you think of its website? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. my “back to school” edition should be arriving today or tomorrow.. shame it was delayed but still looking forward to it.

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