Top 5 Kirby Copy Abilities

Top 5 Kirby Copy Abilities

Kirby can have over 55 copy abilities. That doesn’t mean they are all useful. There are some meaningless skills. Some of them are even worth avoiding. We selected the best of the best abilities to appear on this list. We hope you like it and enjoy your game as much as we did collecting the list.

  • Hammer


The Hammer just rocks! You get an instant super-beating power attack to beat your enemies. That mighty power makes the Hammer one of the most desirable weapons. However, to obtain a Hammer is not easy, and they are rare throughout the games. While you activate the Hammer, you will also avoid most attacks, making you almost invincible. For boss fights, a Hammer will make it much easier to win the battle. The Hammer is a heavy weapon, and it will make Kirby less agile. This simple disadvantage can mean an advantage to enemies, but given the massive attack power, it is not important for most. At times, the Hammer is not only useful for battles, some quests, and hidden items will require a Hammer to go through the hidden places where particular objects are. Hammers are mostly found from Bonkers and Mix, the Orange Dygclops and the Copy Essence Deluxe depending on the game. As for Kirby’s design, in most games, there is no hat on Kirby, just the hammer. However, Kirby will change to a different skin in some games there is the possibility to get some Kirby-with-hat designs, and a different skin resembling King Dedede. Finally, the Hammer is counted among the few abilities for Kirby underwater.

  • Fighter


Fighter will give you the ability to significantly increase your fight moves by the combined capabilities of Kirby boxer and Kirby Martial Artist. The kicks Kirby and supersonic punches are fully released. As a bonus, there are the fire energy blasts, which is a sort of chi attack. You just need to quickly learn how to control the new Kirby-s abilities when in a battle. There are particular key combinations for each move, and you have to keep them at hand. For some players, that is why the Fighter power is not working properly. To get such a useful ability, Kirby has to inhale enemies who have a knack to fight. The red headband is Kirby´s characteristically distinctive sign when he has the ability activated. Give it a try if you are of those users, who don’t like Fighter Kirby just because you need to get to know new tricks on your control; the worst that can happen is that you keep to the same idea.

  • Fire


Elements inspire basic abilities like fire. It is always cool to set everything on fire. Not that I am talking from the pyromaniac side inside of me. Some particular uses are two light cannons. I like to think of Kirby holding the fire ability as a sort of dragon because his breath is that of fire itself. It is one of the best Kirby’s attack. In particular games, like Kirby Triple Deluxe, you can even get control of the breath direction and intensity. When holding the Firepower, Kirby can also dash, explode and spin fire which is all useful weapons. The first appearance of fire was in Kirby’s Adventure game. It has been around ever since. To cover Kirby’s body with fire (like a fireball) is available in recent games only. Do not confuse the Fire ability with the Burning ability. The second is just Kirby setting fire to himself.

  • Smash

Smash is one of Kirby’s most powerful attacks. It is like having the Stone, Hammer, Fighter, and Cutter abilities all at once. You can use Kirby’s classic movements to beat enemies. The smash ability was first seen in Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. To get Smash, you can defeat and eat the Master Hand, and make Kirby touch the Copy Essence that is found in the ability room, depending pm the game- In Kirby: Planet Robot. It is also given when Kirby inhales two Noddys and if the roulette stops on its own. The Smash ability changed slightly to the name to Smash Bros, but it still the same powerful weapon, with the addition of the AirDrop attack, coming from the Ninja ability

  • U.F.O.


For those games with the U.F.O. ability, you will find needing nothing more. The shortcut of such a powerful ability is that it can only be reused on the same stage it was found, and you cannot keep it for the future levels. The graphics are great, turning Kirby into a real U.F.O., but that is not the best part. The simultaneous attacks coming from a single button touch is what makes U.F.O. so special. You can get a rotating spark, a standard projectile, a laser shot, and to wrap everything up, a devastating blast. The best part for most is that it is very easy to use, with no complicated button combinations. As good as it is it is hard to get. For a boss fight, the U.F.O. ability is invaluable, giving you a significant advantage. The shortcoming from this ability is the reduced mobility. Ladders and floors are obstacles Kirby is not able to overcome while driving the U.F.O., and at some games, the time for using it is very limited (around10 seconds only).

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