Dragon Quest X Could Be Localized With Fan Support

Dragon Quest X Could Be Localized With Fan Support

The majority of the numbered Dragon Quest games are single-player turn-based JRPGs, but Dragon Quest X is a notable exception. It’s an MMORPG that so far has only been released in Japan, but that could still change.


In Japan, Dragon Quest X was released for a wide variety of systems: the Wii, Wii U, PC, Android, and 3DS. While it’s unlikely any of those versions will be localized after all this time, new versions are in development. Dragon Quest X is coming to the PlayStation 4 and the mysterious Nintendo NX. If they release any version of Dragon Quest X in the West, it will probably be the newest ones.


Dragon Quest X Screen

Since Square Enix showed no sign of localizing Dragon Quest X before, some fans might wonder if there’s any hope at all. Surprisingly, there is.

After a Dragon Quest VII developer panel at PAX West 2016, Square Enix’s Noriyoshi Fujimoto accepted questions from the audience. One fan asked about Dragon Quest X’s localization. Fujimoto explained that it’s a major undertaking to translate an MMORPG, but enough fan requests might make Square Enix look into it.

That’s far from a guarantee, but Square Enix’s recent history backs it up. When only the mobile versions of Adventures of Mana were released in the West earlier this year, Square Enix said they would look into releasing the Vita version if enough fans wanted it. After fans made their requests, the Vita version was localized a few months later.


Likewise, Fujimoto also spoke during the Dragon Quest panel about how fan requests led to Dragon Quest VII’s recent localization. They had no plans to localize the Dragon Quest VII remake at all, but fans created petitions and sent letters asking for it. According to him, the fan requests were the main factor in their decision to localize it after all.

Dragon Quest X received positive reviews in Japan, and while it’s a more niche series than Final Fantasy, for example, it has the potential to do well in the West. In short, if you want to play Dragon Quest X, let Square Enix know, whether it’s through petitions, emails, or letters.

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