Best 3DS/Wii U Games To Play For Halloween Thrills

Best 3DS/Wii U Games To Play For Halloween Thrills

Take a look at our top 5 selection of the best Nintendo games to play during Halloween on your Nintendo 3DS or Wii U. But before you continue reading, I must warn you. Halloween is the magical night when spirits arise and coexist with the living. You might get trapped by one of these games. The first ones are a realistic selection to prepare you so that the spirits from beyond can quickly take you. Beware, because if you lose the game, you will lose more than that. Your soul is at risk, and it can get trapped in one of the alternative worlds of these video games.

  • Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water for Wii U


Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is the fifth game of this horror saga. I suggest combining this game with one of the movies. The original Fatal Frame is highly recommended. Just pick the Japanese version that has a better mood for Halloween night. Now that you are set in the right mood, it is time to get your hands on the game. You will control different characters that travel across the Hikami Mountain. The ruined landscapes and dark forests will keep on with Halloween ambiance. The only way to protect you from the ghosts surrounding the area is using the Camera Obscura. If you turn off the lights to play, it will give it an amplifying effect. Watch for your wetness meter, or you might get surrounded by ghosts in no time. Watch out for suicides spirits, because they are the most violent ones. This is a solo game, so there is nobody to help you beat the dark spirits. Watch out or you might get caught and forever trapped inside the forest.



  • Zombie U for Wii U


Realistic Zombies like the ones featured in movies like “I am legend” or in TV series like “The walking death”, in a real city. Get involved in the Zombi U adventure on the Halloween night. You won’t want to leave your home after such a night. London is the scenario to this survival horror adventure. If you live there or have visited the city, the game will seem much more realistic. You can get just one friend with you, so choose wisely. The plot is so realistic, that when you die, you become a zombie. To keep on playing, you get to control a different character. All your achievements with your former body remain on its zombie form. That just means that you have to collect weapons and healing items again to survive. You also get the chance to take from your former body –now a zombie– the items you had collected. The surviving objective gets so realistic that supplies are as limited as they would be in a real outbreak. Just imagine if the magic surrounding the Halloween night makes Zombi U real? Again, make a wise choice on the partner you’ll choose for playing because he might be the only chance you both have to survive a real Zombi U plague.



  • Bayonetta 2 for Wii U


A sequel from the Bayonetta game released in 2010. Angels, demons, and a Japanese atmosphere are what you will get for a Halloween night with Bayonetta 2. It has quickly positioned itself as a classic. The plot where Bayonetta gets into the Inferno to save a friend is engaging. Action will never end as soon as she surpasses the Gates of Hell. Help Bayonetta to restore the good and evil balance. Help her protect the Eyes of the World this Halloween night. You can get help from friends using the Multiplayer mode. If you have played it before, then seek for the Pure Platinum grade and become the best witch in town. That is a challenge worth making on a night like this.



  • Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS


The sequel to the popular game from 2001 Luigi’s Mansion is the perfect game for a Halloween Party. The abandoned haunted mansion now in 3D is an excellent scenario for the night of Halloween. King Boo is the perfect mate for a terror night. The multiplayer mode will allow you to share the adventure with up to 4 ghost hunters. If you have already played all the adventure in single mode, you might find some interesting differences and new features on the Scare Scraper to amaze you still and have more fun. The music and sound effects are even better than the previous game, full of mystery and playful frights. If you are alone at home, then the online multiplayer mode is an excellent choice to share with others Halloween night. The phantasmagoric adventure will take you to collect all six Dark Moon fragments to complete the game. If you enjoy exploring and solving puzzles, then the Luigi’s Mansion 2 is the perfect choice for a Videogame anytime, especially at Halloween time. Help Luigi to take the fright out of his face and get through all the adventure.



  • Resident Evil Revelations for Nintendo 3DS


3D Zombies are the best way to spend this Halloween. You can swim, climb and dive inside the ship Queen Zenobia that is sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. The plot explains what happened in the saga between Resident Evil 4 and 5. The new T-Abyss virus is originated on this ship. Your mission is to find all about it and rescue all survivors. If you are a follower, you cannot miss it. The survival mood of the game is better in 3D, and graphics plus music make it perfect for a terror night. Some realistic scenes can terrify those who do not have yet developed a cold blood. There are a couple of bosses in the campaign mode you’d wish they were not in 3D. The slow paced combat in the game resembles the first’s games of the saga, which is truly appreciated. If you are planning to spend Halloween night alone at home, Resident Evil is the perfect company to get into the mood of Halloween in the comfort of your seat.



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  1. Love every single game here and I do like this time of the year, fall/Halloween. I hope the Nintendo NX sees another entry in the Luigi’s Mansion series.

  2. I was going to say Bayonetta 2 doesn’t seem much like a Halloween game… and then I remembered I started the first Bayonetta on Halloween with some vague “witches… demons… I really just want to try this game now” justification.

    Resident Evil: Revelations was a step in the right direction back toward survival horror for the series, even if it didn’t make it all the way. The Queen Zenobia sections were the best, and some were pretty creepy. (“Mayday, mayday…..”)

    • Yeah I thought Revelations was pretty good. I played it mainly on the 3DS, started playing it again when they released it on consoles (Wii U) but I prefer it on the 3DS.

  3. i really should finish bayonetta 2 before or when halloween hits

    also, i really should “borrow” luigi 3ds from my brother who i originally “bought” it for and never played, lol

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