Top 5 Reasons to Buy the NES Classic Edition

Top 5 Reasons to Buy the NES Classic Edition

Are you a Videogame fan? Do you remember the very first Nintendo console? Nintendo has decided to give all of us a reminder developing a brand new miniature retro console. The whole idea was inspired on the original Nintendo Entertainment Systems released back in 1985. It is so little that you can fit the console in the palm of your hand!



The NES Classic Edition is packed with 30 original games and one retro control. You can get the complete experience of playing the original Nintendo Games. And if these two statements are not enough reason to order your NES miniature console, then read our top 5 reasons to buy the NES Classic Edition.


  • Super Mario Bros is the best Mario Game ever


For many people, Super Mario Bros will always be the best Mario Game ever. There are better graphics and other story lines, but the original Mario was just addictive. You can enjoy it on the NES Classic Edition console along with other 29 games. Starting with Mario Bros, the console has Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3 too. Challenge yourself to finish the whole adventure as fast as you can. A real fan in Japan can finish the game in around 15 minutes with a perfect score and his eyes covered. Can you? The original Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong and Metroid are also included. Go to the origins and travel along old worlds to have new fun.

  • The Collector’s Choice


A tiny Nintendo Console is a hundred percent a collectible item. It is so little that it fits the palm of your hand. You can find a place to put it right next to the original console. But the best part is you can play with it the original Nintendo games. The simple graphics and old music is perfect to spend hours of fun. Every geek around and any Nintendo lover should get the NES Classic Edition. To remember old times and share new moments it is also the perfect gift.

  • Retro Controller


Sometimes you just miss the feel and touch of the original control NES controller. The new fancy controls for Wii and Wii U are not suitable for old school games. A Nintendo directional pad and the A and B buttons are enough to keep you on top of your game. The NES Classic Edition controller will come with the mini console and additional ones can be purchased separately.

  • Have some Retro Fun


For those who are into 8-bit games and like simple graphics. Also if you played the original NES Console and you have kids now, you’ll be glad to have the chance to get some fun with them. You were a master playing Football in the classic Tecmo Bowl, and you could beat big boxing beasts in the Punch-Out boxing game. Not to forget amazing videogame characters like Link in the Legend of Zelda and Kirby in Kirby’s Adventure. Relive those moments with the NES Classic Edition console. Get your children involved in retro games to share some family moments and enjoy quality time with the games you grew up with.



  • NES Classic Edition’s price is Affordable

The price for this classic console is unbelievable. You can get it for just $59.99. It already comes with one retro controller so you can starting enjoying the games right out of the box. You can add the second controller to have a complete package for $9.99. Even if you are not a collector or Nintendo lover, but if you’ve already enjoyed retro games on Wii, you can save money just for the games already included. You can get Wii U Virtual Console NES games at $4.99 each. Then, the 30 games included are worth $149.70. The value is stellar. It is an excellent deal just to enjoy retro fun today, no hassle. It is true that the miniature console is lovely and cute, but the price is very attractive too.


Will you be picking up the NES Classic Edition? If so, which game will you play 1st?



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  1. great impulse purchase and perfect gift for this Christmas season.

  2. Might just get one just as a collectible item 🙂

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