Reviewed: Metroid Prime Federation Force

Reviewed: Metroid Prime Federation Force



Personally, I am a fan of the Metroid Prime series, and I was waiting impatiently to get the new Metroid Prime Federation Force last week. I might have been the first to get to the store to pick my copy. Now I have completed all missions; I’ll share with you some of what I’ve learned and some tricks.

The Story

I am not giving up much detail to avoid spoiling the game for you. In the Metroid Prime world, this is one of the most engaging stories released until now. 22 missions were enough to keep me entertained for a while. It is consistent with Samus’ storyline, but if you are not familiar with the original game, you can still enjoy the story.


There are some differences if you play solo than as part of a team, so don’t miss both experiences.

Playing Solo

I first chose to play alone. I had a rough time shooting up enemies because they can easily outnumber you on many occassions. Power-ups were useful and necessary to keep on with the missions. Not having checkpoints to return to when I got killed made the solo experience not so fun at first, because I got shot several times and had to go to some places I had already been. There are not enough healing enhancers, and shields, but this just makes it more challenging

Playing with a Team


I have mixed views when playing with a team. I tried all modalities, from playing at my place with a couple of friends and going online with friends and strangers. There is an enhanced experience when you play with a team, but only if you all find a leader and a strategy.

Now for some negatives when playing with others. I teamed up with friends who had not played the game enough and lacked in game experience and understanding. They were newbies, and we were playing online. We had no strategy whatsoever. This was also my first experience teaming up with this particular game. We all got killed so fast that I stopped playing for the day.

The next day I had already arranged with other friends to come up to my house to try the game. One of them had his own copy at home and had already tried it. The other was a newbie. Still, we were able to set a strategy with our past experiences in the game, and it all went much better than the day before. Having all of them at the same place helped a lot. We had much better communication and much more fun.

The Team Strategy

We took roles on our purpose on the mission and had our weapons and mods configured accordingly. I have a more aggressive style of playing and usually go ahead and take the most dangerous positions. I had shields mostly picked for my arsenal since they protected us a lot when enemies got us in massive attacks. I also got the auxiliary amplifier mod to get more power for short-distance fights.

One of my friends is really good at shooting at tiny things, and he had all of us covered from the most unusual places. He picked missiles, bombs, and grenades, and having a better sight on everything; he used them in the perfect moment right before we all got busted by enemies. Having for him the super payload mod active to amplify missiles power was a wise decision.


The newbie was at first shy but got much more confident later. He was in charge of the healing department. When things slowed down a little bit, we got our time to get some healing from him and keep on moving.

Teaming up to kill the boss and set ambush-like attacks was the best part of it. Enemies were harsh, but we bit them up much more easily than with the solo mode.


The best part of Metroid Prime Federation Force is playing on a team in the same place. 3D characteristics are more enjoyable when you play solo than when you are teaming up with friends on the same room. In general, I prefer to have the game in non-3D mode.

When you team up, be sure to have a strategy, and things will go much easier than if you don’t. If you have at least one experienced member on your team, it will be easier to achieve success.

What are your thoughts on Metroid Prime Federation Force?

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  1. Game gets a lot of viral hate however as a game, it’s pretty solid and the variety of missions/levels is good.

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