Super Mario Run is now coming to iOS Devices

Super Mario Run is now coming to iOS Devices

Nintendo finally realizes that it has to go with the mobile wave. The first game made by Nintendo for iOS is Super Mario Run. It had to be Mario, Nintendo’s star, the one to open up the market for mobiles. It was all a pleasant surprise. There are some interesting features to improve playability and the game is made from the ground up with mobile device hardware and control in mind.


It is true that this is not the first Nintendo game going to mobile devices. Pokémon did it first, but Nintendo did not develop it. However, Nintendo has supported Pokémon all the way. Also, Pokémon’s success has proved how important it is for games to go mobile and create brand awareness. Miitomo is an app by Nintendo however it’s more of a social app then a fully fledged game. For more news, Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are also going to be launched for iOS and Android in early 2017. Nintendo is taking it serious to move to mobile platforms and get it’s iconic franchise characters in front of younger generations. Let’s take a look at the highlights of Super Mario Run for iOS Devices.

  • Super Mario Run was not expected for this Keynote Presentation

Miyamoto stood in the middle of apple’s presentation to announce Super Mario Run. It was a surprise for everybody. This is the first attempt of Nintendo alone to go on mobile devices. Super Mario Run was a pleasant surprise for all Nintendo and Mario fans alike. The first highlights were presented, and a well-kept secret was finally revealed to the world. Screenshots show a traditional Mario game, and we all just wait for it’s release.

  • Nintendo is not giving it for Free

For those who don’t like to pay for mobile games, the bad news is that Super Mario Run will not be free to play. It will have a fixed price that has not been yet disclosed. This might reduce the game’s popularity since most users lately download games to play for free. Income comes from buying upgrades or premium coins in the game. Nintendo is playing a bet to have their followers pay in advanced for a Mario experience on their mobile devices. Like most games, once you buy it, you can keep on spending money to get enhancements with in-app purchases.

  • Play in 3 different modes

Like Nintendo games for a traditional console, you will have various ways to play. The first mode has some challenging levels that resemble the first Super Mario adventures. It is called Rally, and it is expected to have some initial worlds with some others to be added later The second mode is to challenge friends in Battle Mode. The third way is a novelty. You can create your Mushroom Kingdom using the coins you’ve collected in other modes. Constant updates will be important to keep engagement of players and make the mobile experience unique.


  • Play Super Mario Run with your Friends

The mechanics of Super Mario is more or less the same of those of traditional Mario games albeit even more simplified. It has a battle mode to play with friends. Mobiles give wide possibilities in this area, and it is expected to have social engagement integrated in some way. You will also have the chance to play with strangers from anywhere around the world.

  • Multiplatform Support

It was announced that other platforms are expected to have Super Mario Run later. Android will be covered next. It is not clear when the release date is, but it might be the following year since Super Mario Run for iOS is not yet available.

  • The Release Date

It is not clear when exactly will the game be released. The announcement only stated that Nintendo would have it done before 2016 is over, but it could be as late as December. Expectation continues, and the release day might be as surprising as the initial announcement. Instead of expecting a date, you have the chance to sign up at the App Store to receive a notification when the App is finally online.

  • Designed to be played with one hand only!

Developers of Nintendo are putting their bet on playability. Nintendo’s Super Mario Run is designed to be played with one hand only. This should enhance user experience. It is predicted that Super Mario will be the first of many hits for mobile devices. Let’s wait and see how end users receive Nintendo on this first attempt.





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  1. I don’t have any apple devices that can run this, just an old iPad lol. Looking forward to it though on Android down the line.

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