Top 5 Reasons to be Excited for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Top 5 Reasons to be Excited for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The newest game in the Legend of Zelda series, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will be available sometime next year for the Nintendo Wii U and NX. Here are the top 5 reasons to be excited for it.

5. It’s a New Legend of Zelda Game

This is the simplest reason, but a lot of fans will be excited for Breath of the Wild simply because it’s a new game in the series. It will be the first new console Zelda game since Skyward Sword in 2011.


4. New Gameplay Elements

Breath of the Wild is a departure from the traditional Zelda format in many ways. While this could be cause for concern, it’s also reason for excitement as we look forward to fighting with a wide variety of weapons, cooking and combining food to regain health, climbing almost any surface, and much more.



3. Shrines

Shrines have been an important feature in what we’ve seen of Breath of the Wild so far. These tiny dungeons, four of which were included in the E3 demo, feature puzzles and treasures, and there are over 100 of them to be found in the full game. Nintendo has confirmed that shrines are not a replacement for dungeons, which means we’ll be able to explore both longer, traditional dungeons and the special shrines.


2. Open World

While I’m personally not a fan of open worlds, for many people it will be a huge draw that Breath of the Wild features a vast open world. Gameplay footage has shown varied regions, secrets to discover, areas we still don’t know much about, and even a mysterious floating island. Monolith Soft helped Nintendo craft the open world, which is good news for fans of the open world in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

breath of the wild open world

1. Story and Lore

The Legend of Zelda is not as story-driven as many series, but so far the lore in Breath of the Wild is one of its most intriguing aspects. Link awakens after being asleep for 100 years and emerges into a world that has fallen into ruin. It features an unusually high level of technology, and many aspects (such as the inclusion of Koroks, who previously only appeared in The Wind Waker) make it difficult to place in the timeline.

It should be quite enjoyable to delve into the world and finally learn the story and lore behind it.


In Conclusion

These are five reasons to be excited for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but there are many more. Let us know in the comments what has you most excited about the newest Zelda game.

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  1. Awesome write up Samantha. I really am liking the physics engine they developed for this game, between that and being able to roam the open world, walk, run, climb, jump, horseback, “shield board”.. I can easily see getting lost just exploring.

    • That’s how I felt in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

      I’ve been uncertain about Breath of the Wild for a long time, but after researching it more while writing this article, I’m intrigued about its world and lore now!

  2. Nicely written article, can’t wait to play the game this holiday season!- Oh wait…

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