The 10 Best Super Mario Power-Ups

The 10 Best Super Mario Power-Ups

Mario Bros is a never ending classic full of memorable platforming and likeable characters. The first power-ups of all time to gain pop-culture status were conceived by Nintendo. Since the first Mario more than 20 years ago, there was a Super Mushroom, and it has become a symbol for Mario’s world. Nobody can imagine a Mario World without power-ups.


In each new game, new powers appear. By now there is a pool of powers, and depending on your personal style to play, some might be more useful than others. At times, some power-ups are not desirable, like the Mini Mushroom that makes you small to be able to get into a tiny space, but also makes all your enemies bigger, which will make it easier for them to kill you.

Especially for you, we have prepared the 10 best Super Mario Power-Ups. Would you have selected others?

  • Metal Cap



Metal Mario appears when you take the Metal Cap. To freely walk under water and resist toxic fumes are just some of the advantages of having a Metal Mario. He will also be invulnerable and unusually heavy. You can play it in Super Mario 64 only.

  • Penguin Suit



The Penguin Suit changes Mario into Penguin Mario. This power-up is particularly useful to avoid sliding on ice. Besides that, the ability to throw ice balls is quite useful.

  • Pall Pill


Pall Pill is an exclusive power for Super Paper Mario, released in 2007. It creates additional help for you to fight. Inspired in The Bitlands, Pal Pills brings you eight tiny 8-bit characters. They can be Luigi, Bowser, Peach or Mario. The cool thing about these little pals is that they are going to fight for you. Think of them as your bodyguards, or your miniature personal army. The power-up is rare, but when you get it, you’ll never want to miss it again.

  • Wing Cap


The Wing Cap can be more or less useful depending on your particular game-style. I love it. It comes in Super Mario 64. When you get this power-up, a couple of wings will appear on Mario’s cap. They will let him fly in certain situations. Flying is useful because you don’t need to keep on jumping all over the place. It can be very helpful to advance quickly in some areas where it is hard to go another way. Some people don’t like them, and it is tricky to stay in the air, but once you got it, then it is a piece of cake.

  • Fire Flower


Fire Flower is one of the first power-ups ever in the Mario world. It appeared first in Super Mario Bros and developers have maintained it as a classic. It has evolved over time. At first, it was a blinking flower. Later, it has shown itself more like a tulip. At last, it resembles a tiny sun for the more stylized 3D graphics of the latest versions. There is not much to say since everybody knows Fire Mario. You will get him until an enemy damages him. While having a Fire Mario, you can throw fireballs, which is a clear and significant advantage to the game.

  • Lucky Bell

Cat_Mario_Artwork_(alt)_-_Super_Mario_3D_World lucky bell

Are you feeling lucky? Mario is when he gets the Lucky Bell. Lucky Cat Mario can turn into a Golden Statue Mario. As a statue, Mario will automatically earn coins when he falls, and he is also invincible. Some additional coins will not harm your game. You can get it in Super Mario 3D World, but it is rare.

  • Boo Mushroom


Mushrooms are common in Mario’s world. The classics are the 1-up mushrooms that will give you extra lives. There are also Bee, Big, Invincibility, Life, Mega, Mini, Mystery, Propeller, Rock, Spring, Super and Weird Mushrooms. It was hard to choose a favorite (and some even are on the unwanted list). The best mushroom, setting aside the indispensable mushrooms for extra lives, is the Boo mushroom. It will turn Mario into a sort of phantom. Mario will be able to walk through any fence, and it is indispensable to read Booish. It is exclusive of the Super Mario Galaxy saga.

  • Tanooki Suit


As you can see, I love flying power-ups. The Tanooki Suit gives you this ability with an added value. Few people know that when Mario or Luigi are wearing the Tanooki Suit, they can get undetected. By pressing a certain combination of keys in your control, then your character can become a statue. As a statue, Mario will be unseen by enemies, and therefore, they cannot grant him any damage. The tanooki suit was inspired by the Japanese figures called tanooki. One of the best power-ups ever. Finding a Tanooki Suit is rare. From Super Mario Bros 3, it appears in every new edition. Having a Tanooki Mario or a Tanooki Luigi is invaluable.

  • Mega Star


The Mega Star is only available in the Super Paper Mario. It is used to make Mario a Mega Mario. On his giant form, Mario can destroy anything on his way. Magnifying power-ups are always useful and cool. If you are not playing Super Paper Mario, a similar and more widely available option is the Mega Mushroom. You can find it in the New Super Mario Boss 1 and 2, Super Mario 3D World and Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam. Don’t miss a chance to become a Mega Mario and crush your enemies!

  • Dash Pepper


Unfortunately, you can only get this power-up in Super Mario Galaxy 2 for now. The Dash Pepper is used to give it to Yoshi. It is not a straight power-up. You first need to find a Yoshi egg. Then, release Yoshi by cracking the egg. This way you can get a ride in Yoshi and get access to other power-ups like Blimp Berry, and Bulb Berry. The Dash Pepper is the best by far. It will transform Yoshi into a Dash Yoshi, who can run at high speed. A Dash Yoshi can be useful to surpass a hard section of the game quickly while Mario just rides him.


What are you favorite power-ups in Super Mario games? What do you think would make a cool Mario power-up? Let us know in the comments below.


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