Reviewed: SEGA 3D Classics Collection on 3DS

Reviewed: SEGA 3D Classics Collection on 3DS

Game Review of SEGA 3D Classics Collection

Release Date: April 26th, 2016 NA

Publisher: SEGA

Retail: $29.99



thumb – Recommended!

Classics will always be excellent games. Sega has brought us the best possible remake of 9 classics. In general, all games are just the old classics but with 3D features now.

The possibility to save game plays for later in any of the games makes it possible to have better achievements over time. The replay option is also useful to share with friends the most amazing moves and plays. To watch them in 3D makes it especially attractive, and the fast forward option is catchy.

After playing them all, I’ll share my best picks. Like many of you after playing these classics, I’d wish they had included more games in the selection. Let’s take a look at some of the best games of the Sega 3D Classics Collection.

Power Drift

Racing in games like After Burner II or Out Run is an amazing experience. One of the most eye-catching things about this game are the screen options. There are four different settings, including the Arcade that makes you feel like if you were playing with an old machine.

A cool detail is having the Arcade mode with 3D. It is the closest to a retro experience. Music is fantastic; it increases the general ambiance of racing.


Galaxy Force II

From all the games, Galaxy Force II has the best improvements in graphics. They were boosted, and 3D effects make battles much more exciting. There are hidden features on this release. A nice touch was including the old graphics from the original version once you finish the arcade mode. I don’t like to play on them, but they are good to show off to friends. There is also a defense shield improvement with a combination of buttons and an additional arcade background to unlock.

galaaxy force 2 3ds

Puyo Puyo

The best of Puyo Puyo is the Local Play mode. You can challenge your friends to the game. The not so good thing about it is that both players need to have the game on the 3DS so that it works.

Another useful feature for Puyo Puyo is that you can adjust settings for different difficulty level. This can make the game more entertaining, and you can play it over again in a harder mode.

Thunder Blade

You can ride on this old-fashion simulator. Combat scenes get much more interesting when playing on the 3D mode. The ability to control 3D while playing is unique. You can tile or spin to get a better gaming experience.

The arcade mode has some nice details. You can choose to have the old game cabinet or a city landscape to have a more realistic flight. The arcade sound option emulates sounds like the motor and shooting as if it was coming from the original arcade cabinet.

The thing I liked the most are the new features from the special mode. There are more powerful weapons and power-ups. To unlock it you need to clear the arcade mode. Check out the new ending on the special mode! It goes entirely different. Having also new enemies represents a new challenge.

Fantasy Zone II

The shooter game is back! Fantasy Zone has some great improvements, like the opportunity to configure the buttons that best fit your gaming needs. I find this particularly useful to a shooting game, and I improved my score trying different combinations. The adventure mode of the game ends quickly, but you can always continue playing.

The endless mode is the best. You can keep playing to beat and record the highest scores. The hidden mode doesn’t provide many useful features besides the endless mode. The new characters are the same old ones with different colors and more bombs don’t help much even on the hardest levels.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic can be played in the international or Japanese version. There are minor changes, but if you have played any of them before, you can have some fun looking for what is different.

Details are charming. The classic mode on the Sonic the Hedgehog game emulates an old CRT screen with rounded edges and a deformed image. For 3D you can choose between getting the effect inside or outside. I prefer the outside effect because it gives a more immersive experience.

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  1. Solid collection of classics. Big fan of Altered Beast and Sonic. The updates and features are pretty nice and the game can be found on sale via Amazon for under $20 which makes this even better.

  2. This one won’t be for me. Too many games I’ve never played or don’t have a nostalgic feel for except Sonic 1. Excited for those that do, though.

    • Makes sense though. I grew up with a Genesis so these were my home for many years aside from playing the SNES at my best friends house. 🙂

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