My Top 5 Wii U Hidden Gems

My Top 5 Wii U Hidden Gems

Here are MY top 5 Wii U hidden gems! While the Wii U is on life support in 2016, there are a number of games I feel people may have totally forgotten about or maybe never even gave a chance. While some the the titles may not truly be “hidden”, I’d wage to bet after you read this article you’ll be saying to yourself, “hmm let me give it a play”. Many if not all of these games can now be purchased dirt cheap, so don’t miss out on some awesome gaming. Feel free to post your comments below and share games you feel deserve that “hidden gem” title.


  • Game and Wario – As a budget game during the Wii U’s struggling release cycle, Game and Wario was literally forgotten about from the start. Game and Wario proves to be a fun local multi-player experience that makes good use of the gamepad. The game consists of over one dozen “mini” games and uses the gamepad in a myriad of ways from drawing, taking photos, firing arrows, and more. The actual advertising calls it “gamepad pandemonium”… and it really is. The sketch mini game is like pictionary and is great to play with a bunch of friends. Another favorite mini game is Fruit. One player is a thief and the other player acts as the detective. The game reminds me of another called Hidden in Plain Sight which is an indie title on lots of other consoles. Aside from local multi-player games there is also single player content. Visit the Game and Wario site for more details!


  • Nintendo Land – A launch title and pack-in game, Nintendo Land was a show piece of Wii U gamepad features and asymmetrical gameplay. I have friends who played it for a while then never touched it again while others found themselves going back again and again. Like Game and Wario, there are numerous mini games for both single and local multi-player. Some of the mini games like Mario Chase, The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, and Metroid Blast were my favorites. What makes Nintendo Land memorable is the mix of gameplay mechanics and the Nintendo themed mini games of popular franchies from Pikmin, to Animal Crossing, and more. Visit the Nintendo Land website!


  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Wii U EditionA launch game for the Wii U with special features including Nintendo cross-over costumes! This superb fighting game kept me content until Injustice and Super Smash Bros came out. Wii U needed more fighters and thankfully this was available early on. Tekken Tag 2 has a huge roster, solid online play, and a solid 60fps which you should expect for a fighting game. Aside from the unique costumes, there was a Mushroom power-up mode, and gamepad use with certain moves reserved on the touch screen. The game can be purchased now very cheap and I recommend you give it a try. Visit this site for more details.


  • New Super Luigi UWhile this game can be considered DLC, it also acts as a totally stand alone experience without needing New Super Mario Bros. U. This game came out during the “Year of Luigi” and features TONS of new levels. With the new levels, the timer is also shortened which makes for quite a challenge. Luigi’s physics are also different from Mario. The whole experience certainly had a different feel and took a bit of time to adjust. From higher jumps, staying in the air longer, and sliding these small changes had a big impact on gameplay. There were also hidden Luigi’s throughout the levels and a new playable character named Nabbit. You can get this as DLC, stand alone retail, or packed in with Super Mario Bros U. Visit the site here!


  • Rayman Legends What a mess… going from an exclusive title for the Wii U, to multi-platform, and being delayed… Nintendo fans were sent through the wringer. This game still gets on my list as a hidden gem, simply for release mess alone. Many forgot about it either by mistake because of the huge delay, or did so on purpose by being ticked off at Ubisoft. The Wii U version is still considered to be the “definitive” one with interesting use of the gamepad such as touch screen elements, gyro controls, off TV play, and 5 player co-op.. there really is a lot to enjoy. Enjoyable level design, great graphics and animation, and stellar music make this one of the best platformers on the Wii U. Get more details about Rayman Legends here!


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