10 Things the NX Needs to be Successful!

10 Things the NX Needs to be Successful!

  1. A good, exciting name that is easy to brand.
  2. Superior launch line-up with new experiences for 1st party games, a few Wii U ports, and 3rd party support that matches release schedule.
  3. Dev tools that are ready to go, easy to understand, and offer easy support.
  4. Proper account system
  5. Proper modern online features
  6. A unique gaming experience (not just a clone system of the other consoles)
  7. Very competitive price
  8. Strong hardware
  9. Consistent marketing and promotion
  10. Games, Games, Games (on a regular basis like we’ve not seen)
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  1. Sounds good. I think Nintendo will use first party to build the install base to lure third party.

    • I agree, it will need a solid base and show 3rd parties the potential.

  2. If I had to pick one it would have to be full third party support.

  3. I think the name NX is already good enough, come up with some clever puns for marketing and make appealing advertisements and they’ll be set.

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