Miitomo Tips To Keep It Fresh

Miitomo Tips To Keep It Fresh

I’ve read about lots of people on several different forums discussing how they’ve quit using Miitomo or got bored of it quickly. While I don’t hold the same exact viewpoint I can see why. Miitomo doesn’t have a huge amount of content and in actuality, it can differ on a user to user basis. Why? Simple. It all depends on how YOU use the app.

Miitomo isn’t a game, it’s more of a social sim in the same vein of Tomodachi Life. Below are just a handful of tips to make your enjoyment of Miitomo better and to reap the benefits of using it regularly.

1. Daily Bonuses (load up Miitomo at least once daily to get the daily bonus gifts)

2. Change your Outfit at least once a day to get points and to help level up. (I sometimes change 2-3 times daily)nintendo-miitomo-screenshots-aa-14

3. Make your answers fun, and engaging. Making your reply straightforward sounds like it makes the most sense, but you may not get the replies and interaction simply because it just sounds boring to your friends.

4. While peer pressure may make you want to keep adding friends recommended to you (ones that you may not know personally), try and refrain from over populating your friends list. I’ve found that I don’t really care to read or interact with people I don’t know. It just creates a lot of social static and then you’ll have to dig around your friends list to see the people you want.

5. Be sure to visit friends rooms once a day and throw some hearts on answers you like and to interact with them. This usually results in them visiting you and creating a back and forth interaction.

6. Use Miifoto, share your photos on twitter and/or facebook. Edit your photos with fun captions and create a unique expression for your Mii in relation to the picture. You can even use Miifotos to reply to discussions. Use it wisely to improve engagement.

7. Make sure to continue answering questions so that you have unique and fresh content your friends can read. Remember, make it fun and engaging.

A lot of these tips are common sense, but following them should make Miitomo a more fun experience for you on a regular basis.

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