Mario Tennis Ultra Smash – A few thoughts…

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash – A few thoughts…

I don’t even have the game yet, at this time I do not get review copies and I am contemplating whether or not I will make the purchase.

I am a fan of Nintendo (Mario) sports titles from the Mario Golf Series, previous Mario Tennis entries, Mario Strikers, Sports Mix and more. I also enjoy Wii Sports & Club, Resort etc. Most of those games, while maybe not perfect or lacking some features still seem to be a much better attempt then what has become of Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.

Based on all of the reviews, the game seems rushed and an empty shell. It lacks content and basic features from previous entries in the series. An easy example to notice is that the game only includes 1 stadium. There are several types of court surfaces however the atmosphere and aesthetic will certainly overstay it’s welcome.

One feature I was interested in was online. Finally, being able to connect with friends and enjoy a fun game of Mario Tennis. Nope. The basic features to connect and join with friends doesn’t even exist. If you are able to connect with a friend, it is only by luck. When I first heard this news I thought maybe Nintendo would be offering a free update to add content that seems like it should be in the game.. but after tweeting Nintendo and seeing as how many others have reviewed the game there is still no announcement. I am afraid what we have is all we are going to get, and frankly that is not really acceptable at least in my opinion.

This doesn’t seem to be a case of Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, or even Mario Kart 8 where we received DLC updates to add in features that were missing from release.

Aside from only one stadium, lack of friend connection online features, the gameplay itself seems pretty solid. The amiibo functionality seems fun enough although I am not sure that makes up for anything.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I just feel it’s pretty insulting to fans be given a game with missing or less features than the original game released exactly 15 years before it. It’s even more surprising to me that it came from Nintendo like that. As you mentioned Splatoon started out that way but got a ton of updates later at no additional cost. Not that I was thrilled about that process but it’s certainly better than this.

    I know I canceled my pre-order for it when I heard of the lack of content. How well did it sell? I’m assuming not great. If so I hope that’s a clear message to Nintendo. They’ve been SO good in the past few years with content out of the box and reasonable DLC offers that it would be a shame if more of their games went this way.

    • Can’t argue with any of your thoughts and your concerns are valid. I am not even sure how much it sold… I don’t recall hearing it chart anywhere… maybe in UK/EU breifly… but the Wii U was desperate for something last holiday (2015) .

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