Amiibo – Good, Bad, and The Ugly

Amiibo – Good, Bad, and The Ugly

I thought I would write some current thoughts down in a blog post rather than repeat myself in the chat room over and over today. The amiibo situation is much better NOW then it was a few months ago and of course back during the holiday season of 2014.

While many amiibo don’t last long on store shelves, you can still find just about every single one for sale online. Prices for some of the “rare” amiibos have dropped mostly because of the increased stock from reprints. Some amiibo were pushing $40 – $60 easily and now many of them are $30 or below. We are also seeing greater stock for each wave as noted by the RETRO 3 pack which is a gamestop exclusive. Many stores are receiving 20, 40, 80 or more units per store.. depending upon location of course. Aside from in store, the RETRO 3 pack has been available online for a long period of time, never going out of stock.

What worries me still, is the delay of US retailers listing amiibo for pre-order. Super Mario Maker is 10 days away and yet you cannot order the 8 bit amiibo ANYWHERE. Meanwhile, overseas it’s been available for pre-order for weeks.

Another situation is happening with the Chibi Robo Amiibo bundle with game. I had it pre-ordered on Amazon for some time wishfully thinking it was the bundle. I was wrong. It was just the game. This morning I checked Play Asia and they had the US version of Chibi Robo Amiibo bundle available for pre-order. Why on earth is a foreign retailer the 1st to offer this for sale? Meanwhile all other retailers in the US simply have the game available. This kind of situation is frustrating and confusing. Yes, I should have more patience and I am sure the Super Mario Maker amiibo and chibi robo bundle will be available soon, but why are US retailers always so late to the game?

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