Working Out The Kinks Slowly But Surely

Working Out The Kinks Slowly But Surely

We are working out the kinks slowly but surely. Thanks for everyone sending in suggestions, issues, bugs etc. Special thanks to J. Mo, Jen, Tom, Sage, R00bot and all the others for helping, testing and signing up.

We are aware of the following:

  1. Quote function does not work at all when in a group forum. It works elsewhere.
  2. A line break between a post and users signature seems buggy at times. In the main forums it seems fine, in group forums it disappears (most of the time)

We have fixed the activity feed “spam” that would happen when a user would edit a topic or reply. Before the fix, any edits would show as a new entry in the activity feed stream . Thus, if a user needed to make a few edits within a few minutes of time and no other content was being posted by others… it would look very spammy. Now when a user edits a topic or post, it will not reappear as a new entry in the activity stream.

Working hard!


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