Experimenting with Google Adsense

Experimenting with Google Adsense

As you know, running a website and community forum like this comes at a cost. Not only for the domain and hosting, but the time for development and to maintain it. Since the site is free (no membership fees) I am testing integration of Ads. In the forums you will notice link ads above a topic as well as text/picture ads below each reply. This may stay, or it may change. We are testing things to see how they look and not take away from your experience.



The ads became obtrusive appearing after each reply. They will remain for now only appearing under each forum / sub forum and under each topic.

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  1. Just turned off adblock for this site. Not seeing any ads at the moment. Have I screwed up or are there just no ads at this point?

    • You will only see ads on the Chat Room Page itself, under the chatroom. Also in the Forums under each Sub Forum and Thread Topic. Go check it out and report back. They will be banner image/text ads right below the title.

    • Also now implemented on Forums main. Right below forums header. http://nintendochitchat.com/forums/

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