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Welcome to – home of the NCC Wizards!

Star Streamer: Eddy Ray

Eddy Ray has been streaming video game content since 2015. He specializes in Nintendo games and third party games on their platform (Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, etc.) He brings a high energy approach and level of interaction that is unmatched in the streaming world.

Co-Star Streamer: Amber

Amber began streaming with Eddy back in July of 2018 and became community manger of NintendoChitChat & NCC Wizards. She stays active in the community through social media, posts, chatting during streams, and joining Eddy in many gaming streams. Her skills in Fortnite and Paladins are top notch. She enjoys Mario Kart and Breath of the Wild.

Blog Posts

Super Wiloo Demake

We preview level 1 of Super Wiloo Demake, an indie platforming game out now in the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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Super Mega Baseball 2 – get it!

If you’re looking for an affordable baseball sports game on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll want to look into Super Mega Baseball 2. It’s a solid game with accurate physics, lots of ways to play against AI, Ranked Matches, Online, and more. It’s got lots of replay value as well because of the fast paced arcade […]

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Vintage – Donkey Kong Mini Arcade

My dad was cleaning up some things from the attic recently and he handed me this. I was happy to see it still in existence. My sister and I played this a lot as kids and it still works. The only thing necessary is to clean it a bit and find some new decals for […]

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