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  • Yooka-Laylee will be released on the Wii U and other platforms in March 2017.

  • Eddy Ray posted an update 10 hours, 26 minutes ago · 

    Attention NCC Members! Check out Septembers video game articles from our awesome writing team of Samantha and Alicia. There are 12 new articles this month alone with more to come. August was just the beginning! Make sure to comment, like, and share on social media. It really does HELP!

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  • In the new Minecraft: Console Edition Chinese Mythology Mash-Up, come explore ancient temples hidden among the cherry blossoms and survive the night at the Great Wall. In this new mash-up, you will be able to visit an exquisitely created pre-made world. Wander through the streets of an ancient great city, marvel at the dragons that dwell around…

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  • GameXplain does a bit of analysis of Pikmin on 3DS


    I agree. I like the direction things are going and they continue to support the app with updates and give insight on their direction moving forward. I hope to see you back and playing soon! ūüôĀ .

    I heard today and read that another update allows the¬†use of Incense to capture Pokemon using the Plus device. Apparently the option wasn’t…[Read more]

  • Take a look at our top 5 selection of the best Nintendo games to play during¬†Halloween on your Nintendo 3DS or Wii U. But before you continue reading, I must warn you. Halloween is the magical night when spirits […]

    • Love every single game here and I do like this time of the year, fall/Halloween. I hope the Nintendo NX sees another entry in the Luigi’s Mansion series.

    • I was going to say Bayonetta 2 doesn’t seem much like a Halloween game… and then I remembered I started the first Bayonetta on Halloween with some vague “witches… demons… I really just want to try this game now” justification.

      Resident Evil: Revelations was a step in the right direction back toward survival horror for the series, even if it didn’t make it all the way. The Queen Zenobia sections were the best, and some were pretty creepy. (“Mayday, mayday…..”)

      • Yeah I thought Revelations was pretty good. I played it mainly on the 3DS, started playing it again when they released it on consoles (Wii U) but I prefer it on the 3DS.

  • Jack Lovejoy posted an update 2 days, 16 hours ago · 

    Hey guys, I am back and I was thinking about my game being a Thrid Person Shooter ARPG. All profanity is muted and the game is less violent because I find dark and edgy games to be overused and cliche.

    If you want to know what I mean, think of this game as a fusion between Kid Icarus Uprising for the 3ds and Kingdom Hearts for the 3ds

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    • Well whatever route you decide to go, make it yours! Great to get influence from other but in the end, do what you feel will make it special.

  • i’m glad the device looks like it is being implemented well, this could be the next step in niantic’s next big step in streamlining and making the game a bit more than what it already is. i’m sure somewhere along the line, niantic will offer an incentive for in-app play to encourage both forms of play so people aren’t just walking from stop to…[Read more]

  • So this isn’t really a full review but just a few thoughts I have after a day with Pokemon Go Plus.

    Here are a several bullet points to streamline my thoughts on it.

    Easy to Setup
    Easy to Use and Understand (vibrations, lights)
    Streamlines the Game
    Offers more chances to catch Pokemon

    I love the fact I can have my phone in my pocket and…[Read more]

  • Based Loaded was a video game sports staple on the NES, not it is being resurrected on the Nintendo 3DS and coming to the Japan eShop soon. Bases Loaded 2016!

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